Nomad for the past fifteen years,
ZA-P has been traveling all over Europe,exploring various subcultural networks which lead her to different artistic fields such as, among others, photography,videography,screenprinting and urban art. She specialized in video editing,and obtained a professional degree at the University of Cinema Arts (2007-2009) in Barcelona.Since she has been working as a videographer, mainly to promote underground artists all over Europe.

In Berlin her taste for the discovery of unusual places brought her to enter abandoned sites,that she sees as hidden playgrounds tainted by mistery and forgotten histories.

Her artwork underlines the beauty of decay.
Her pictures focuses on the fall of industrial progress and Nature taking over what Man has left behind him.
The objects she is creating,combining screenprinting,photography and welding,are all made from recycled materials.

In 2015,she decided to link her skills and her interests in discovering other ways of life and new environments.
Her experiences inspired her to bring her artwork to take a social dimension through sharing her knowledge, learning from collaborations, questioning human behaviors, cultural differences and similitaries.
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